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1.Parents, please be sure to take your child's temperature at home every single day prior to arriving to THE STUDIO.

Please be sure your emergency number is up to date on your online account. If your child isn't feeling well or needs to leave, we need to be able to call someone on the emergency number list.

Please wait in your car or on the sidewalk until a teacher comes to the door to have dancers enter the building.

Masks should be on prior to exiting your vehicle.

Everyone will have masks on at all times inside the building.

There are social distance markers on the floor in both dance rooms.

Parents are not allowed to enter the lobby. A teacher will greet everyone at the door. Dancers will enter the lobby, remove their outdoor shoes, jackets etc. and place into an individual cubby, use the touchless automatic hand sanitizer then bring their shoes and/or dance bag into the classroom. Once they enter their dance room, they will sit on a social distance marker and put on their dance shoes.

Typically we do not allow water bottles in class, but during our covid protocol, we encourage students to bring water bottles. We recommend bottles that have flip up straws. Masks will not be removed for water breaks. Teachers will give water breaks periodically. During our summer sessions, students adapted amazingly to dancing with masks.

Hand sanitizer will be used periodically throughout class.

Ballet barres, mats, cubbies, bathrooms and all touch surfaces will be sanitized between classes. Floors are mopped daily.

Once class is over, the process is reversed. Students will take their dance shoes off in the classroom, go to the lobby, put on their outdoor shoes & clothing, sanitize their hands then a teacher will reunite them with parents at the sidewalk.

If your child has multiple classes on one day, they can stay in the studio between classes. If the weather is nice enough, a teacher or assistant will bring them outside in the back of the studio for a mask break. OR you can have your child go to your vehicle between classes if you choose to stay in the parking lot. It is completely up to you and you can change it up from week to week. Please send an email prior to your child's class for that day if you want them to come out to your vehicle between classes. We will assume your child is staying in the studio unless we receive an email.

If your child is not feeling well please have them stay home. If your child has had any possible exposure to someone who has covid or if they test positive for covid you are required to report it and quarantine for 14 days.

Our goal is to create a safe environment where your children can thrive while taking part in something they love and something that resembles a little normalcy.

We greatly appreciate your support!!!