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Formerly Encore! Dance Studio - 32 years studio owner experience


All hair must be pulled back for all classes: Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Baton, and Combo classes. Hair must be in a classical bun for 45-minute Ballet classes. A French braid, pigtails or low ponytail work well for acro. Short hair should be in low ponytail or clipped back with hair secured to head.


*Do not wear shoes prior to your first class*

Please have teacher approve shoes before there is any wear. Although it is highly uncommon, sometimes you may have been sold the wrong style/color etc.


Girls Ballet* Full sole Leather Ballet pink 

Girls Tap * Black patent leather tap shoes

Boys Ballet-*Full sole black leather 

Boys Tap *Black oxford tap shoes

BALLET(45 min. ballet or competitive level):

Girls*Canvas Ballet classic Pink

Boys *Canvas Black

Please knot ballet shoe strings & cut off.

If elastics do not come attached, they should be sewn on by the 1st class.

TAP: (45 minutes or competitive level)

*Premium Full Sole Tap Shoe black leather oxford style with laces.

HIP HOP: Any type of sneakers that are worn in the studio only.

JAZZ: Boys & Girls-Pull On Black Jazz Boot

ACROBATICS: Black Gymnastic Shoe

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY:  Dark Tan Stretch Jazz Boot


Any type of sneakers that are worn in the studio only.

POINTE: Pointe shoe style will depend on teacher suggestion and fitting of the foot.

* It is imperative that dance shoes fit properly. By getting shoes loose fitting to "get your use out of them" you are wasting money on the dance lessons.

* If last year's shoes are painted & still fit, you can wear them.

* Please put child's 1st & last name in each shoe(once you have teacher's confirmation that you have the correct shoe style/fit).

Shoes that are required to be painted to match recital costumes can be worn the following season.


     Students should always have proper dance shoes and clothing. The weather cannot be used as an excuse. The dance rooms are kept at a consistent temperature year round. We believe that "if you look like a dancer, you will feel like a dancer."


All 45 minute Ballet classes:Girls: any solid black leotard with light pink tights-hair in a bun. Black ballet sweaters, black leg warmers and black fitted Ballet spandex shorts are allowed. No skirts. Classical Bun (see hair below)

Boys: black shorts, sweat pants or dance pants and black shirt.

Hip Hop: Any comfortable clothing/athletic wear that you can move in. NO JEANS

ACRO: Acro students should wear tight fitting spandex or lycra that will not ride up when upside down.


GIRLS: Wear leotard and tights, unitards, bike unitards or two-piece spandex/lycra of any color or style. No T-shirts or loose baggy clothing allowed. These rules are so dancers will be comfortable with their bodies and aren't self-conscious when it comes time to put on a form fitting costume for the recital. Teachers also need to see body lines for correct technique.

BOYS: Wear T-shirt and shorts or running suit. No jeans, pants with zippers, over sized shirts or over sized pants.

 Students must be in correct dance attire & have hair pulled back properly to participate in class. After one warning, students will be asked to sit out. Please do not put your child or us in this position.

INTENSIVES FALL DRESS CODE: Black leotard, pink tights, optional black spandex shorts for Ballet (no skirts) tights can be footed, footless, convertible or stirrup. Black leotard can be any style solid black leo.

All other subjects black ankle length leggings worn over leotard and tights. *no color waistbands on shorts or leggings.

Black or beige bras

Hair in neat slicked back secured bun.

Dance Shoes - Tights - Dancewear

Available On Site


Come to one of our Open House Dates, we'll size you for shoes, you pay that day then we will email you when they arrive.

Combo Ballet: $15 tax

Combo Tap: $20 + tax

Ballet Canvas: $17 + tax

Tap Premium Full Sole: $55 + tax

Jazz Pull On Boot: $38 + tax

Lyrical Pull On Boot: $38 + tax

Acro/Gymnastic Shoe: $20 + tax